Uzbek National HandmadeCeramic Plate from Rishtan

Uzbek National HandmadeCeramic Plate from Rishtan


Diameter: 34 cm (13 inches)

Material: Clay

Technique: Natural Glazed Ceramic

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Ceramic plate handmade in Rishtan of Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.

Essentioally used for pilav, a festive table setting, as well as for decorating the interior of a kitchen, restaurant and cafe

Unique ceramics from the Fergana Valley, which are distinguished by their bright blue, turquoise and blue hand-painted tones.

The main advantage of these products, which emphasizes the craftsmanship of the ceramists, is the transparent glaze made from natural dyes called “Ishqor”.

“Alkalis” (Ishqor) are bases that dissolve well in water. The Mendeleev periodic table includes metal hydroxides and ammonium hydroxide I. from the main group of groups I and II. I. – white, solid, hygroscopic (water-repellent) substances. Alkali metal hydroxides, such as LiOH, KOH, and NaOH, are strong bases and are called carrier I. Alkali metal hydroxides – Sa (ON) 2, Va (ON) 2, Sr (OH) 2 and NH4OH are much weaker bases.

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