Hand embossed brass plate

Hand embossed brass plate


WEIGHT   660 g.
DIMENSIONS    29 × 3 cm
COLOR   Gold

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One of the most impressive ways of decorating your home for a sophisticated look is a
handmade brass plate . Especially hand-embossed brass plate feature incredibly rich
patterns. They are a unique example of hand-carving by traditional craftsmen. Display
some handmade decorative brass tray as an oriental home decor unit in your living room,
or add it to your kitchen table. In the end, you’ll bring glamorous artistry to your home that
carries a sense of history and artisanship. Brass is composed of metal copper and zinc.
However copper is the main content of it, that is why brass is usually classified as a
copper alloy. Decorative brass plates can be hung to create wonderful wall art. The
process of Brass tray preparation demands zealous work, as it is handmade craftsmen
spend two or three days in order to create one decorative tray. The first is less costly in
terms of work, but costly in terms of material consumption. Calculate the desired diameter
of the tray and mark the circles on the sheet. Craftsman cut them, anneals them, set the
radius on the rollers, then all the metal is weld. When a tray is ready skillful artisans start to

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