Eastern Copper Kumgan for Water, Wine, Juices

Eastern Copper Kumgan for Water, Wine, Juices


Production material: brass copper

Master chaser: Kasimov Zhamol.

School of artistic coinage: Bukhara

Handmade in Uzbekistan

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kumgan made of copper – a jug for water, wine, juices. In the Middle Ages in the East, kumgans were used both for washing and holding various liquids.

This item can be used for decoration as well as household utensils.
Made by hand, using the technology of copper minting, in Uzbekistan.

This kind of applied art in Uzbekistan is one of the oldest types of artistic metalworking.

Embossing, engraving, and notching are used in the decoration of metal Kumgans.

Embossed copper products can be used in everyday use, as well as to decorate your home and office

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