Decorative bas-relief

Decorative bas-relief


WEIGHT   290 g.
DIMENSIONS   19 × 2.5 cm
COLOR   Gold

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Bas-relief is a very ancient way of decorating the interiors of premises and its objects, the exteriors of buildings, structures, etc. It may be different, but its main essence is volume. A bas-relief is no longer just an image, it is an image that can be touched. There are a lot of ways to create bas-reliefs, and the techniques of execution are limited only by the artist’s imagination and the general idea of the desired result. Thanks to artistic modeling, the image gets volume and becomes even more real. The use of bas-relief in the interior, decorative modeling, as well as its individual elements and group ensembles is not only a profitable design solution from the point of view of individual design of the room, devoid of templates, but also one of the proven ways to hide various construction shortcomings, including uneven walls and ceilings. That is why today it is another relevant topic and the implementation of bas-relief remains one of the most popular techniques in interior design.

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