Сeramics mug

Сeramics mug


  WEIGHT   0.81 kg
  DIMENSIONS   14 × 8 cm
  COLOR   Blue,Yellow

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Uzbek dishes have always been valued for their uniqueness and inimitable national flavor. The centuries-old experience of the craftsmen has made it possible to create extraordinary products that are distinguished by their beauty, quality, and ease of use. In the process of work, hand-painted “Buttermilk” is used, reminiscent of “Gzhel”, but with its own characteristics. This mug made of high-quality is a real masterpiece of Uzbek masters. The product decorated with various plant elements will certainly delight the eye and creates a mood by its presence on the table. It is pleasant to drink cool drinks from it. The colors are fully consistent with the traditions of Uzbekistan.

UZS Uzbekistani som